Posted by on April 1, 2016

How do we define cyber resiliency?  MITRE’s Homeland Security Systems Engineering and Development Institute has been conducting a multi-year project to define resiliency and to build tools and programs to support regions in their efforts to attain resiliency.  CRI supported that effort throughout 2016.


To begin with, cyber resilience was defined as

…a recognition of the inter-connectedness of jurisdictions based on geographic proximity, shared critical infrastructure, common environmental and physical conditions including risks and resource opportunities, and a general lack of resourcing of the specialized needs of the cyber ecosystem.  They concluded that a collection of jurisdictions would better reveal factors and metrics for improving cyber resilience, rather than individual jurisdictions.  Indeed, a collection of jurisdictions which are interdependent revealed to the researchers that geographic units of study were relevant entities for further research.  They concluded, therefore, that the geographic unit of study for the research initiative should be a “region.”

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